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Virtual Private Server Terminology

Automated Setup

Automated Setup means that when you order your VPS, it will be ready for you to use within a few minutes (usually less than 5). This process is automated and no human needs to approve or lift a finger to create a server for you. To reflect this ease, we don't charge setup fees like some opportunistic vendors do.

Burst RAM

Burst memory is a major feature of the VPS world, and means you can almost always get more than you paid for. This kind of memory is ideal for short lived tasks, such as compiling, installing software etc.

Burst memory is the amount of memory the VPS usually has at its disposal. The only time this is not the case is when all the other customers on the same hardware node also require their burst memory. This may happen a few seconds every day.

Burst memory cannot be relied upon for 24/7 usage as the memory may be taken away and processes killed from time to time to ensure the pool is available to everyone.


The CPU is the Central Processing Unit at the heart of a computer. The more numerous and the more powerful these CPU's are, the more work a computer can do. Modern operating systems are very efficient in their usage of CPU power, and you will likely never even come close to using 50% of what your VPS can give you. All VPSVille VPS servers have at least 4 CPU's, and your VPS can use all of them if needed.

Disk Space

Disk Space is a guaranteed resource given to your VPS. Your space is not shared with anyone and no other server has access to your files. File system security is maintained by the kernel and the CPU's virtualization layer. Because filesystem security is enforced in hardware, it cannot be 'hacked' like a shared hosting environment can.

Dedicated IP

A dedicated IP also means that your VPS has its own static IP address. This means you can install an SSL certificate on your server and perform secure transactions. This is essential for ecommerce.

This is unlike a shared hosting environment, where a website may share the same IP with many other sites. Having your own IP increases your security, and ensures that your IP address and sites are not blacklisted because of someone else's 'mistake', such as SPAM or illegal website content. In a shared hosting environment, it only takes one bad apple to spoil the IP for everyone!

Guaranteed RAM

Guranteed RAM is guaranteed to never be taken away for any reason. This kind of memory is used for vital processes such as Apache, MySQL etc. Guaranteed memory can be relied upon 24/7.


RAM stands for Random Access Memory. This is the primary volatile memory of a modern computer system. Ever had your PC lock up for no reason at all? Some of these failures are due to RAM quality.

VPSVille servers use ECC Registered memory, which is self correcting in the event of a minor voltage fluctuation and much more reliable than the memory in your desktop computer system.


VPS stands for Virtual Private Server. They are sometimes called VDS, or Virtual Dedicated Servers. A short description is this: a VPS is functionally equivalent to a dedicated server, but cheaper, more reliable and easier to manage. For detailed description of a VPS, click here.

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